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Postby Jesse » Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:11 pm

I know we don't normally dabble in politics, but really this is more of a preemptive education / stability issue, just focused on politicians and their advisers. It's easier to establish a more moderate position early on like this, before they get brainwashed by special interests who have a strong interest one way or the other.

I've gotten myself invited to a closed debate on the 20th of this month hosted by a centrist think tank (in DC, of course), targeted at issues relating to cryptocurrency (BitCoin, specifically) and its potential future. I've gathered the switches for a number of people that are planning on attending (senate and congressional aides from both sides of the aisle, one lower down on the presidential staff, a few reps from other think tanks, and some folks from various federal departments), as well as made a few appointments with others that won't be there but that might prove instrumental in advisory positions while I'm over there. Focus is on helping them see cryptocurrencies as a stabilizing parallel financial track, rather than a threat to any government-backed fiat currency. For the big-money-friendly advisers, I'm adding in the idea that, because of its fixed supply, its value will show a consistent inverse trend in relation to the government-backed currencies, even more so than gold or other commodities with only a semi-fixed supply.

Advisers' info and switches seed is the faux-leather briefcase sitting to the right of the door in the oval office. The background, prediction, and usage info on BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies is in the BitCoin logo on a tag hanging off the briefcase handle.
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Re: Cryptocurrency

Postby Phil » Mon Mar 09, 2015 11:48 pm

Seems like a good idea. Keep us informed.
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