Postby Amrita » Mon Aug 24, 2015 5:36 pm

Well, that took a little longer than expected.

I only had time to pick up five languages, and I haven't had time to seed them yet, because I got a trifle distracted with foreign affairs. The Land Boundary Agreement, mostly, but also meddling a few people into accepting instruction on how to better secure funding, support and visibility from Western nations when they need it. I went there to work on literacy, of course, but it was all such a cat's-cradle I had to untangle a few other affairs before that could get the proper attention it deserves.

Switches for the Prime Minister, the Speaker, the Honorable Minister of Health & Family Welfare, the Finance Minister (good luck), the Minister of Information (worse luck), the Minister of Home Affairs and, really, most of the Ministry of Education are seeded as the Bengali translation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Although, really, I don't think you'll be needing it. I lost the rest of my graduate students and am temporarily between faculty positions, thank everything, so there's really nothing to keep me from going right back to work on the press, next. Hence Information and Home Affairs.

For the moment I'm vacationing in Brazil, clearing my head before I get back in the game. Just as soon as I can get up-river I'll be out of touch again, but my favorite bush pilot is busy at the moment, so I'm left idle in Sao Paulo for now.

How's everyone been? An uneventful three years, I trust? Good works done?
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Re: Bangladesh.

Postby Phil » Tue Aug 25, 2015 12:44 pm

Nice job in the meddlework; that's the shit we call making a difference. It'll be good to see you around more.

As for the rest of us, well, you know, pretty much the usual. Check around the boards and you'll pick up on anything that might be worth knowing. You know how it is.
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