Reflections on Sparticus

Here we talk about past meddlework, and evaluate the long-term results. And talk about what we can learn from past mistakes. Also, if you must, a place to wax nostalgic.

Reflections on Sparticus

Postby Phil » Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:31 pm

The Third Servile War was over a full lifetime before I was born; maybe a century before I took the spike, but it was still being argued about. Of course, in those days arguments were longer and slower; involving notes left in the Garden for each other, except where it was possible to meet face to face. The argument continued for a long, long time; some of you may want to go back and check those seeds, though finding them will involve some work. In general, whoever meddled with Sparticus did so without the approval of anyone else in the group, or even discussing it with Salt, and he got thoroughly dumped on for it. I mean, thoroughly. I'm not sure which of you now has that Primary (I know that it wasn't Livianus), but you, at least, should graze some of those seeds.

Because here is what I want to say: At the time, it was pretty much unanimous that it was a stupid idea, that it was doomed, that it hurt everyone, that we shouldn't have gone near it.

What we couldn't realize at the time, was that, 2100 years later, the name "Sparticus" remains an inspiration to everyone fighting against tyranny. At the time, the meddlework was blasted as profoundly and deeply non-incremental; and yet, it proved, in the long run, to be some of the most effective incremental meddlework we've ever done.

My point is, sometimes we just can't know. Sometimes, what appear to be our failures can be our greatest triumphs.

Worth keeping in mind, isn't it?
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